Why should you plan your future with us?

An international company with a family ambience, combining a long tradition with a modern outlook: that's Vetropack! From technicians and developers to financial experts and marketing professionals: people with the most diverse talents work here. All of them share the certainty that their work is also helping to improve the protection of our climate – because glass is one of the most sustainable of all packaging solutions.

Family culture
Family culture
Attractive remuneration
Attractive remuneration
Career opportunities
Career opportunities
Contribution to climate protection
Contribution to climate protection
Equal opportunities
Equal opportunities
Shared activities
Shared activities

Great Place to Work

The Great Place to Work® initiative conducts employee surveys and culture analyses in companies. The result is a ranking of the world's best employers. Above and beyond this, the initiative supports companies as they develop into excellent employers. We have repeatedly been honoured with the Great Place to Work® award in past years in Bülach. However, our declared goal is to be awarded for all our locations in the future.


What matters most at Vetropack? The people. So we leave it to them to tell you how they feel about their work at Vetropack, what matters most to them, and how they’ve continued their own development in recent years.
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What matters to us?

To do everything we possibly can to ensure our employees’ safety and wellbeing. What’s more, we believe it’s important that each and every individual should not only be able to continue their own development, but also for everyone to have opportunities to advance the company.

Safety first: work safely and stay healthy

"I'm more important than production" – our motto makes it clear that our employees’ health and safety are our overriding priorities. That's why everyone working at Vetropack receives occupational safety training each year. "Safety Minutes" are also a regular feature in our production departments: these are short safety training units lasting less than ten minutes, at the start of a shift or the end of a meeting.

Opportunities for continuous development: Vetrocademy and TOR

We offer our employees a unique learning infrastructure that develops both hard and soft skills. At our Pöchlarn site in Austria, valuable know-how is passed on to the next generation of glassmakers. And our Vetrocademy focuses on imparting strategic skills to aspiring managers and leaders. Through our Talent and Organisational Review (TOR) programme, we seek out employees with leadership potential or unique expertise to join the Vetrocademy. 

Agility Scouts: helping to shape change

It's a two-way process: we help our employees to continue developing, and our employees also help Vetropack to keep moving forwards. One example: our Agility Scouts network. Twelve colleagues with backgrounds in very different specialist fields participate actively in this network to help shape the evolution of our corporate culture. They focus on a variety of topics: how to improve virtual meetings, for instance, or how to optimise our feedback culture. Because: genuine change comes from within, not from above.

Five steps to your desired job!

We are glad you have recognized Vetropack as the right place for you. But: how does our job application process actually work? Let's show you!

Step 1: Find a vacant position and apply for it

Did you find an interesting position on our website or our LinkedIn profile? And you feel that it would be just the right job for you? Then send us your application, with your c.v. and all the related documents

Step 2: We contact you

We will review your application within one week, and then we will contact you.

Step 3: Job interviews and Assessment Centre

Now we'd like to get to know you a little better. We like to spend some time on this phase: we usually conduct several interviews, and we may also invite you to attend the Assessment Centre.

Step 4: You receive a job offer

Congratulations! If we were able to convince you – and you were able to convince us – we'll send you a job offer.

Step 5: Your start with us!

We want you to get off to a good start with us, so we will gradually introduce you to your work and projects over a period of time specific for onboarding of each role.

Your job at Vetropack



Would you simply like to get to know us? Then visit us at one of our trade fair booths!

By now, you already know a little about us – but we believe a face-to-face meeting is the only real way to get to know one another. Perhaps we'll be present at a trade fair close to you in the near future, so maybe we could meet up at the venue? Why not take a look right now?