Hardly any friction losses: Echovai and stability

Reusable glass containers are among the most sustainable and environmentally friendly types of packaging available. Their weight and resistance were previously considered to be the only weak points of glass bottles. With Echovai, Vetropack has now become the world's first manufacturer of glass packaging to develop a solution that significantly improves these aspects.

Daniel Egger - Head of Innovation at Vetropack:

Echovai bottles are a particularly robust and material-saving kind of lightweight glass bottle: they weigh up to 30 percent less than standard returnable bottles. They are also significantly more stable and more resistant to scuffing – one of the main reasons why standard returnable bottles are eventually discarded for aesthetic reasons. "Echovai bottles are a superior solution both economically and ecologically," Daniel Egger, Head of Innovation at Vetropack, emphasises. "It has the potential to really revolutionise the market for returnable glass containers."

What this means in concrete terms is proven both by pilot studies conducted by Vetropack and by the experiences of pilot user Mohrenbrauerei​​​​​​​: They show that with the same amount of use, bottles made of Echovai glass crack significantly less frequently than standard bottles. The difference is particularly clear when it comes to scuffing: even after twelve cycles, most Echovai containers show hardly any wear on the contact surfaces.