Working together for success

Our business success is critically dependent on our employees. They help us to maintain our competitive edge. This is why Vetropack is setting itself the goal of being viewed as an Employer of Choice. And to achieve this goal, we offer our employees fair, safe and secure working conditions.

Our corporate vision focuses on continuous learning. We deploy strategic talent management to promote our employees’ development, and we place a wide and varied range of learning channels at their disposal. Our learning organisation culture motivates our employees to continue developing, so we are able to offer them prospects and create value for our company at the same time. We build up close relationships with our employees thanks to transparent communication, dialogue, and regular engagement surveys. We endeavour to guarantee equal opportunities for all our employees – and to ensure this, we are committed to a non-discriminatory and inclusive corporate culture where diversity is valued and respected. We also regard our employees’ safety as a factor of central importance. Because glass production entails hazards due to the high temperatures and machines involved, we accord the highest priority to compliance with laws and adherence to our internal safety rules and principles.

«Thanks to our Employer of Choice strategy, Vetropack succeeds in creating a diverse and inclusive workplace environment, and in appreciating our employees’ diverse experiences and perspectives.»
Nuno Cunha, Chief HR Officer

Progress and events related to the material topics will be presented in the integrated annual report from 2023. The following topics are assigned to Social Impact:

  • Employee satisfaction
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Diversity, equity and inclusion