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Here at Vetropack, we enable people to enjoy food and beverages safely by providing solutions that combine elegance with responsibility. We develop and maintain close and long-lasting relationships with our customers. Guided by our understanding of environmental responsibility and cost-effective operation, we endeavour to minimise our carbon footprint throughout the supply chain, and we are committed to recycling as the key to optimising product life-cycles.


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Vetropack resumes production in Ukraine

Vetropack, one of Europe's leading manufacturers of glass packaging, is cautiously ramping up operations again at its Gostomel plant in Ukraine. The company began heating up one of two remaining furnaces yesterday. The production facility in Gostomel had been severely damaged during a Russian military attack at the end of February 2022. Now, with the resumption of production, the site is prepared for potential new crisis scenarios. Meanwhile, a foundation set up by the Vetropack Group is disbursing funds to Ukrainian colleagues particularly affected by the war.

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Nearing the finish line: Vetropack starts up furnaces in new plant in northern Italy

After a construction period of one and a half years, glass manufacturer Vetropack has begun the process of heating up the two melting furnaces at the new Boffalora sopra Ticino plant in Italy. The furnaces will be gradually brought up to temperature and filled over the course of several days in preparation for the start of production. Upon its official inauguration in October 2023, Vetropack’s new high-tech plant will be producing up to 70 percent more glass than the previous plant, while maintaining maximum flexibility and sustainability.

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Ad hoc press release in accordance with Art. 53 of the Listing Rules – Despite challenging environment net profit of CHF 40.7 Mio.

With no change to the high level of demand for glass packaging, the dominant features of the 2022 fiscal year were persistent delivery bottlenecks and rising prices. The loss of production capacity in Ukraine during the first quarter of 2022 made it even more difficult to cover the demand situation. In this challenging environment, the Vetropack Group succeeded in increasing its net sales from goods and services by 10.2 percent (16.9 percent after adjusting for currency effects) to reach CHF 899.4 million in the 2022 reporting year (prior year: CHF 816.5 million).

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Sustainability at Vetropack

For many decades already, our thinking has been shaped not only by economics but also by ecology. Recycling is a key element of our sustainability strategy. That's why about 60 percent of the glass we produce consists of used glass. 

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