Glass bottles and glass packaging

Vetropack manufactures and supplies top quality glass bottles to customers in the food and beverage industry.

Our custom designed glass containers are designed in close cooperation with our customers. The designs may be based on our own drafts, our customers‘ ideas or concepts by externally commissioned designers. No matter what kind of glass packaging product you’re looking for, you’ll find it at Vetropack.

Glass beer bottles – ideal preservation for the brewing art

The unique properties of our glass beer bottles guarantee 100% beer enjoyment. Glass bottles optimally preserve the beer’s carbon dioxide content for a long time, ensuring the taste and quality of the beer remain the same. Vetropack beer bottles are available as standard glass bottles or customized models that give your beer a unique appearance.

Empty glass bottles for beer

Wine and sparkling wine bottles in noble glass

Vetropack produces wine and sparkling wine glass bottles of different shapes, colours and sizes. The glass ensures enjoyment until the last sip – the sparkling wines sparkle, the white and rosé wines stay crisp, and the red wines retain their unique aroma. The unique wine characteristics, combined with the shape, colour and design of the glass bottle and label, contribute to the overall enjoyment.

Glass bottles for wine and sparkling wine

Glass bottles retain the “spirit” of spirits

Spirits, schnapps, and liqueurs are often made according to secret recipes and always with a lot of love. Glass bottles preserve the spirits for a taste sensation until the last drop.

Glass bottles for spirits

Glass bottles for mineral water and soft drinks

Vetropack packages all thirst-quenching drinks in glass bottles. No matter whether it's a standard bottle or custom glass packaging, Vetropack offers the perfect protection for soft drinks and mineral water. Our range of glass bottles goes from the 0.25-litre bottle to the 1-litre bottle, either disposable or reusable. There are no limits to the color spectrum – white, green and blue in all shades are very popular.

Glass bottles for fruit juice

Glass fruit juice bottles preserve the vitamins, flavours and colours of their content. The glass bottle acts as an aromatic vault so that, even after long storage, the original taste of the juice and the quality of the product remain intact.

Glass bottles for fruit juice

Glass jars for canning

Vetropack’s wide neck glass jars are ideal for fruit and vegetable canning. The food is perfectly preserved and the large opening allows easy access to the content. 

Glass jars for spreads

Whether sweet, salty or spicy – nothing preserves the taste of spreads better than wide neck glass jars. Jam, marmalade, and honey in glass jars are the stars of the breakfast table. The variety of shapes and sizes is virtually limitless.

Glass jars for spreads

Glass jars for meat and fish

Meat and fish are bottled in wide neck jars to make them keep longer. Whether it's a snack or an accompaniment to other mouth-watering dishes – canned meat and fish are always a welcome change.

Glass jars for meat and fish

Vinegar and oil in glass bottles

Vinegar and oil add taste to many dishes. There is a bottle of each on almost every table. Vetropack offers both standard glass bottles and custom models in its range for vinegar and oil – from round and angular to octagonal. Oils and vinegar are exquisite natural products that must be carefully preserved. Glass, which doesn’t change the taste of the product, is predestined as packaging material, especially if the glass is dark in colour. Aesthetics and functionality combine – the darker the bottle, the higher the protection against light.

Glass bottles and containers for sauces

Sauces in glass bottles and other glass packaging with wide openings are very convenient. They complement other dishes, are reclosable, and hold well in the hand.

Glass jars for baby food

Wide neck glass jars are perfect packaging for natural and nourishing products such as baby food because they are hygienic and airtight. This preserves and protects the content. Glass is the safest packaging material for baby food. In addition, the waterproof screw-on lid ensures easy handling when opening and closing.  

Empty glass jars for baby food

Glass bottles and jars for dairy products

More and more dairy products, from milk and yoghurt to kefir, sour milk, cream and crème fraîche, find their way into glass packaging products. Glass products retain their pure and natural taste. In addition, glass bottles and packaging are 100% recyclable, benefiting both consumers and the environment.  

Glass bottles and jars for dairy products