Sustainable management ensures our business success

Vetropack endeavours to achieve the long-term development of our company on a self-financed basis. As we work towards this goal, we take account of the interests of our stakeholder groups as well as the impact of our business activities on the environment and society. To achieve our economic objectives, we design glass packaging according to our customers’ specific requirements and we focus on innovative products that meet the highest quality and safety standards.

In keeping with our strategic Leader in Quality thrust, we meet our customers’ expectations and boost our production efficiency – thereby securing competitive advantages. We build up longlasting partnerships with our customers, identify their needs by conducting targeted surveys (Voice of the Customer Surveys), and we continue to develop products in collaboration with them. Our central focus is on guaranteeing the health and safety of our customers and of the consumers. To achieve this, we conform to strict internal and external requirements, and we implement standardised production and quality assurance processes.

Innovation is another cornerstone of our Strategy 2030: innovative technologies help us to reduce the ecological footprint of our manufacturing processes and our glass packaging products. Our understanding of innovation also includes leveraging digital solutions to make our operating processes efficient, and continuing the holistic development of glass production throughout our entire value chain.

«Millions of consumers use our glass products so they can enjoy food and beverages. This is why we believe it is essential that the health and safety of all consumers are guaranteed at all times.»
Christoph Burgermeister, Head of Corporate Development & Integrated Management System

Progress and events related to the material topics will be presented in the integrated annual report from 2023. The following topics are assigned to Economic Impact:

  • Economic performance
  • Customer satisfaction 
  • Innovation 
  • Product quality and product safety