All systems green

We intend to evolve into a glass manufacturer that is known for innovative products and efficient manufacturing processes. In keeping with this objective, we endeavour to ensure that our glass production conserves resources. Our material environmental topics comprise climate protection, resources, and water.

Glass is a sustainable packaging material because it is manufactured from natural raw materials and can be fully recycled without limitations. Nevertheless, glass production involves greenhouse gas emissions. We reduce such emissions by optimising the processes for the repair of existing furnaces and the construction of new ones, and by using the highest possible shares of recycled glass and renewable energies. In keeping with our commitment to identifying potentials for saving energy, we participate in research projects (e.g. with International Partners in Glass Research).

We address environmental risks, increased energy prices and regulatory changes by operating foresighted processes and setting ambitious targets, thus strengthening our competitive edge. We raise public awareness about collecting glass so that our production is able to conserve resources in the long term.

We mainly use water in closed loops. Thanks to systematic monitoring and determination of our sites’ future risk exposure, we are able to take strategic action in response to changes in the availability of water.

«The consequences of climate change demand immediate collective action. Given the high energy demand in the glass industry, we must meet our responsibilities and engage in active climate protection.»
Nicolas Lootens, Group Sustainability Manager

Progress and events related to the material topics will be presented in the integrated annual report from 2023. The following topics are assigned to Environmental Impact:

  • Climate protection
  • Water
  • Resources