More than just glass: all-round service

We support and advise our customers, from the initial idea for the packaging to the finished product. As a reliable packaging partner, we take responsibility for our products and their quality. Once we have started the process, we won’t stop until we have reached our final go.

Our Service plus+ goes far beyond simply manufacturing glass packaging. Our many years of expertise and solid design experience form the basis for our comprehensive advice service. Top-quality production, prompt delivery and support with packaging analysis are, for us, just as much a part of our business as giving advice on everything to do with bottling, conditioning and closures, glass finishing and labelling. We do not even shy away from making environmental life-cycle assessments.

Our technical customer services department is involved in the development process for new glass packaging right from the start. These specialists know all the rules and regulations, standards and legal requirements. They are also in attendance when a product is filled for the first time. If something does not go as planned, the service team takes action quickly and unbureaucratically.

Let's talk about packaging glass

We have been making glass for over 100 years. With passion. Day in, day out, round the clock. Our specialists know what they are talking about when it comes to packaging glass. The accumulated experience of our staff, and their expertise and knowledge about design feed into every consultancy session.

Cards on the table: CO2 footprint

The CO2 footprint is an environmental parameter that provides information about a product's total CO2 emissions throughout its lifecycle. For enlightened consumers, who are the multipliers and opinion-formers in society, the CO2 footprint is becoming an increasingly important argument in their buying decisions. We use a "cradle-to-cradle" life-cycle assessment model, which maps the entire lifespan of a packaging product from the raw materials through to when it is recycled. This enables us to evaluate individual alternative options and scenarios for our customers and work with the bottling company to develop the optimum packaging solution.


The factors in the environmental life-cycle assessment are:
  • the weight of the glass container 
  • the proportion of used glass in its production 
  • transport distance to the bottling company 
  • transport by lorry or rail 
  • national recycling rate 


Further factors include returnable or non-returnable use, the closure and label and the distribution channel.