Striding ahead towards 2030

Our transformation process is in full swing. Until 2030, we will work continuously to tap existing potential for growth and develop new business models. Our goals: to position Vetropack as a strong market player in the long term, and play a key part in shaping the future of the glass industry.

Clearly sustainable

We pursue a holistic approach to sustainability, underpinned by three pillars: continuously reducing our ecological footprint, improving recycling in the value chain (non-returnable and returnable), and safeguarding access to core resources (mainly cullet).

Sustainability is a living reality at every level in Vetropack. But one individual bears the main responsibility for keeping track of the big picture: Nicolas Lootens, our Group Sustainability Officer.

Effective use of roof areas, production of solar power and CO2 savings: these are the goals we aim to achieve by expanding our photovoltaic systems in Kremsmünster.

Expand the core

We will continue to consolidate the dominant positions we hold in our home markets by moving closer to our customers, as we evolve into a high-calibre partner and full-service provider. Above and beyond these goals, we aim to expand our positions in selected markets.

The company now known as Vetropack Chişinău was successfully integrated into our Group in March 2022, and is manufacturing glass bottles for the growing domestic market as well as 20 export markets.

Production at Vetropack's new manufacturing plant in Northern Italy will be more flexible, more individual and more sustainable than ever before. That's because the plant's viability for the future was already a key focus in the planning phase.

Value growth

We are broadening the scope of our activities by venturing into new business segments along the glass packaging value chain. As part of this process, we are launching new services that complement our expertise appropriately and enable us to continue strengthening relationships with our customers.

How do consumers view beverage packaging? What do they see as the priorities? On the basis of an in-depth study, we have developed an exceptionally lightweight and robust glass.

Drive innovation

We intend to become a trendsetter in the glass packaging industry – so we are proactively driving innovations ahead. Some of them emerge gradually, but they also include product and market innovations as well as entirely new business models.

Mohrenbrauerei, the brewery based in Vorarlberg (Austria), is moving ahead hand-in-hand with Vetropack: its outstandingly sustainable 0.33-litre lightweight glass bottle reduces the carbon footprint to as little as 25%.

Recycling is a complex process in Slovakia because the bottles are not separated by colour. Now that the recycling line has been rebuilt, capacity has been increased and the yield of white glass has been maximised.

Leader in quality

We gear all our activities towards providing optimal support for our strategy at Group level. This includes a holistic "Operational Excellence" approach as well as coordinated structures and processes in distribution and production. As additional goals, we intend to make better use of the opportunities offered by digitalisation throughout the Group, and to position Vetropack as an "Employer of Choice".

So that we can manage our business more efficiently, we have continued to centralise and digitalise key business processes such as purchasing and production scheduling at our Pöchlarn site in Austria.