Cards on the table: CO2-Footprint 

The CO2 footprint is an environmental parameter that provides information about a product's total CO2 emissions throughout its lifecycle. For enlightened consumers, who are the multipliers and opinion-formers in society, the CO2 footprint is becoming an increasingly important argument in their buying decisions. We use a "cradle-to-cradle" lifecycle assessment model, which maps the entire lifespan of a packaging product from the raw materials through to when it is recycled. This enables us to evaluate individual alternative options and scenarios for our customers and work with the bottling company to develop the optimum packaging solution.

The factors in the environmental lifecycle assessment are:

  • the weight of the glass container
  • the proportion of used glass in its production
  • transport distance to the bottling company
  • transport by lorry or rail
  • national recycling rate 

Further factors include returnable or non-returnable use, the closure and label and distribution channel. 

More about Environmental assessment

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