Giving fine products an even finer finish

Reliefs, coatings, screen printing, labels and sleeves can transform your glass packaging into a premium product. We are happy to give you customised and comprehensive advice on all the design options. Working closely with our specialists guarantees top quality results, whatever choice you make.

Reliefs – presenting a profile

Glass reliefs give packaging a distinguished and distinctive look and feel. They help to make your product stand out and boost its recognition factor.

Applicationcompany logos, brand names, crests or other emblems
Requirementcustomer-specific bottle mould
Batch sizecustomer-specific moulds can be made for one-day production runs or more
Suitable formulti-trip and one-way bottles
Segmentssuitable for all segments


Paper – the classic

The classic paper label offers plenty of design opportunities. The wide variety of colours and shapes and integrated tamper-proof features are just a few of the many advantages of this way of enhancing glass packaging and giving a product a very distinctive appearance. They ensure that this traditional finishing method remains a constant presence on the market.

RequirementA suitable packaging surface. We will advise you on whether to opt for wet-glue or self-adhesive labels
Batch sizesuitable for all batch sizes
Suitable formulti-trip and one-way bottles
Segmentssuitable for all segments
A breath of nothing – the "no-label look"

Transparent labels offer exceptional variety and brightness of colour as well as flexibility. The modern, clear-cut appearance has a screen print-like effect.

Requirement It must be possible to apply "no label" labels to the glass product with no air pockets
Batch size suitable for small and larger batch sizes, therefore also ideal for one-off events and special editions
Suitable for one-way bottles
Segment suitable for all segments
Coatings – for added lustre

A coating on all or part of the glass packaging will make your product stand out as a premium product. Labels or screen printing applied as well will add the finishing touch to this exclusive look.

RequirementWe recommend rinsing instead of washing. No-contact filling must be possible to avoid scratching the coating. If outer packaging is used (boxes), it is advisable to use cardboard dividers.
Batch sizecan be used for small batch sizes, but is more cost-effective for medium and larger production runs
Suitable forone-way bottles
Segmentsspirits, sparkling wine, trendy drinks, beer
Screen printing – art on a bottle

Screen printing reproduces colours in all their brilliance, and even very detailed motifs are accurately printed. You can choose between six brilliant colours, genuine gold and genuine silver. We offer screen printing as an all-in-one service, so all you need to look after is the closure.

Requirementno restrictions on filling or further packaging
Batch sizeSuitable for small and larger batch sizes, therefore also ideal for one-off events and special editions
Suitable formulti-trip and one-way bottles
Segmentsmineral water, beer, non-alcoholic drinks, sparkling wine, spirits, wine
Sleeves – like a second skin

Sleeves – tubes made of plastic film which are pulled over bottles and shrink-fitted – create an impressive end-to-end look, for strong design impact.

Requirementfor maximum precision, we recommend a test run (the film tubes may become twisted)
Batch sizesideal for larger batch sizes
Suitable forone-way bottles
Segmentssuitable for all segments