All systems green

In Switzerland, we began recycling glass in the 1970s. Using raw materials and energy responsibly is a key element in environmental sustainability. Vetropack creates economic, environmental and social value. Glass packaging – from waste glass recovery to recyclable premium product.

Glass is a natural substance and 100% recyclable without suffering any loss of quality. Glass is the embodiment of sustainable packaging and should always be the first choice for health-conscious and environmentally-aware consumers.

Recycling improves the environmental balance

Recycling is the way to go, both ecologically and economically. Reusing used glass has hugely improved the environmental balance of glass production in just a few decades: in the last 25 years, thanks to recycling and technological innovations, the European glass packaging industry has reduced its CO2 emissions and waste production by 74%. For the production of clear and brown glass, we can use up to 60% used glass, and for new green glass as much as 100%. The quality of the material that is collected and how it is processed are vital. In our production of glass packaging, we create added value in relation to all three aspects of sustainability: economic, social and environmental.