Working together for success

We are developing our company in a spirit of responsible and value-oriented cooperation, based on the principles of honesty, commitment and transparency – in relation to our employees, customers, suppliers, neighbours, local communities and the general public.

For us, the key principles of social sustainability are

  • responsible corporate governance in day-to-day operations,
  • a binding, transparent and clearly formulated Code of Conduct,
  • comprehensive health and workplace protection,
  • a participative management style anda willingness to meet the social needs of our employees.

The company's ethical policy includes

  • compliance with all applicable laws and regulations,
  • fair competition,
  • rejection of improper advantages and any form of corruption,
  • avoidance of conflicts of interest and
  • compliance monitoring and internal auditing.

The Code of Conduct and Business Ethics Policy are binding on the whole Vetropack Group. All employees have to sign up to the code; people in decision-making positions also receive special training in the Business Ethics Policy. If any employee finds someone to be in breach of the Code of Conduct or the principles enshrined in the ethical guidelines, then they are urged to report this to the Managing Director or the Human Resources department, or to the Compliance and Legal department or the CEO of the Group. This also applies where there are grounds for suspicion, within reason.

Saying no to forced and child labour 

All forms of forced or child labour are forbidden under the obligations we impose on ourselves (the Code of Conduct and the Code of Conduct for Suppliers) and, if suspected, will be investigated and punished. We observe the same principles in relation to investment decisions.

Supplier management: a partnership of equals 

Our relationships with our suppliers are based on the Business Ethics Policy, the Code of Conduct for Suppliers and our Procurement Policy. All purchasing must comply with the principle of economic sustainability. We regulate our purchasing according to the principle of "lead buyers. The procurement of strategic commodities, such as raw materials, machinery and energy, is centrally controlled to ensure compliance with the same high quality standards across the entire group. All purchasing complies with the principle of economic sustainability. Vetropack conducts regular supplier audits and standardised evaluations and reserves the right to impose sanctions in the case of breaches of the Code of Conduct for Suppliers.

Training, health and safety

Industrial glass production requires specialists with a great deal of experience and extensive technical knowledge and no individual can acquire this in the context of a single, specific period of training. We reinforce the skills of our employees at all levels through regular training courses, on-the-job training and continuing education. We are a training organisation with our own training centre and we are also involved in university teaching.

One of the main focuses of our communications is safety in the workplace because preventing accidents is the top priority in the production workshops. We also promote good health in the workplace and support a healthy diet by providing canteens for shift workers.

The many years of experience and expertise of our employees play a vital role in our commercial success. We acknowledge our responsibility for professional knowledge transfer and stable career paths: 97% of our workforce are on permanent full-time contracts.