Emissions report of SBB Cargo Switzerland

Transporting goods by rail is more climate-friendly and energy-efficient than by road

By transporting goods with SBB Cargo Switzerland, Vetropack saved around 5,061 lorry journeys and 2,801 tonnes of CO2 emissions in the period from January 1 to December 2023. We are thus making an important contribution to reducing the burden on road transport and the environment. 

In total, SBB Cargo transported 65,792 tonnes of goods for Vetropack Ltd in 2023 (2022: 60,849 tonnes). Thanks to the shift to rail, CO2 emissions were reduced by 90.97%. Carbon dioxide causes the most damage to people and the environment and is the gas primarily responsible for the greenhouse effect. Emissions of particulate matter (-70.79%), nitrogen oxides (-81%) and sulphur dioxide (-84.14%) have also been significantly minimised compared to road transport. Particulate matter consists of soot particles of different sizes and poses a major cancer risk. Sulphur dioxides are one of the main causes of forest dieback and, like nitrogen oxides, can lead to respiratory diseases.

You can find the complete emissions report in German, French, Italian and English: