Employee Spotlight: Giulia Cappannoli

Giulia Cappannoli joined Vetropack Italia in November 2020 as Quality Engineer. She was promoted to Quality Manager in October 2022. "I am the customer within the company. My role is to make sure that every part of the production process knows exactly what the customer wants and to provide support to meet the customer's requirements in every part," Giulia explains. 

In this role, she works with colleagues from all processes, from production to sales and supply chain. "This is the way to understand the impact of each part of the company, because everything we do has an impact on another process," Giulia points out. "Everyone in this company is a leader in quality and contributes their part". And quality is key for Vetropack, as Giulia points out: "Every day we have to confirm our presence in the market. Quality is the key to customer confidence in our products".

She appreciates the variety of her role, from routine and ad-hoc situations in production to working with all departments. Beyond her role as Quality Manager, she also works with colleagues from all Vetropack sites, from a variety of backgrounds, as part of the company's Agility Scout network. This network helps to shape the development of Vetropack's corporate culture - because real change comes from within, not from the top down.

"I enjoy being part of this cross-functional group, exchanging ideas with colleagues and seeing things from a different perspective," Giulia explains, summing up: "We really work together at Vetropack and I really like the atmosphere, both in Italy and in the Group".


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