Used glass disposal for communities

Vetrorecycling provides free services for communities, municipalities and special-purpose associations – for individual, customised glass disposal solutions.

Used glass disposal

Vetrorecycling is the largest glass recycler in Switzerland, responsible for 45 per cent of the used glass collected. We process the collected goods and transfer it all to the glass industry as a raw material for making new glass packaging. We do not trade in used glass, but instead we take it from consumers and communities and recycle it.

Advice and support

We provide a free advisory and support service for municipalities or special-purpose associations on all matters concerning glass disposal. The glass containers themselves are organised by the communities, but we are available to advise them on the ideal location, because only the best collection sites yield optimum results. We will provide you with comprehensive knowledge of European standards and you will benefit from our expertise and years of experience in dealing with used glass.

Recycling benefits:

  • the environment because it is sustainable and conserves resources.
  • communities because it reduces the amount of waste, which you would otherwise have to pay to dispose of.
  • consumers. They benefit from free nationwide disposal of their bottles and glass packaging.
  • drinks manufacturers. They have no problems disposing of their packaging material.

More containers, optimised logistics and more information produce better collection results. Everyone benefits from this: the environment, people and communities.

As well as improving the collection systems, Vetrorecycling provides information to communities, authorities and the industries involved.

That says a lot for Vetrorecycling:

Used glass pioneer

Vetrocycling is one of the pioneers of glass recycling: since 1974, we have been organising used-glass disposal in Switzerland in collaboration with communities and special-purpose associations. Vetrorecycling issues a 'prepaid disposal fee' for communities free of charge.

Sustainable transport

Vetrorecycling transports used glass by train whenever possible (in cooperation with SBB Cargo, the freight transport company operated by Swiss Federal Railways). This meant that in 2018 alone, around 8,000 lorry journeys could be saved and 4,356 tonnes of CO2 emissions avoided in Switzerland.

Recycling in Switzerland

Vetrorecycling is not a used-glass dealer, but instead collects and recycles it. We process the collected used glass in our own plant and deliver it as a raw material mostly to Vetropack Group's Swiss glassworks in St-Prex. New glass packaging is produced from this glass along with the primary raw materials.


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