Vetropack plans possible ways of supporting employees in Ukraine

14.03.2022: Vetropack is currently following developments in Ukraine with deep concern and dismay. Large numbers of people are fleeing the country, while infrastructure and civilian buildings are severely damaged in many places. Vetropack's Ukrainian site near Kyiv has also been damaged due to military action. Thanks to the company's early decision to suspend production at the facility, nobody from the workforce has been injured at the site.

To continue providing support for employees in Ukraine, Vetropack is currently examining various possibilities for cooperating with international and/or national relief organisations so that support can be targeted at employees who are impacted and, if possible, to co-finance reconstruction after the military confrontations have ended.

Above and beyond this support, Vetropack is also planning to set up a fund of its own in the medium term. Work is currently in progress at full speed on the related issues and the numerous details involved.

We will be updating this page regularly. The following options for making donations have already been organised:

National relief organisations to support Vetropack employees

Austria: via 
IBAN: AT62 2011 1283 5056 5602
Account name: "Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe in Österreich"

This account is used exclusively for Vetropack's UKRAINE campaign. It is not shown on the homepage of Johanniter Unfall-Hilfe (the Austrian branch of St. John Ambulance) to avoid mixing up donations to different fund-raising campaigns. If you are based in Austria, the Johanniter as an Austrian charity organisation are obliged to report the donations directly to your tax office and they are automatically included in your (employee) tax assessment for 2022.

International relief organisations providing emergency aid in Ukraine: