Capital structure

Share Capital

The share capital is structured as follows:

CHF millions31.12.201731.12.2018

220 480 bearer shares (2017: 220 480)
nominal value CHF 50.00 (issued and paid in full)


880 000 registered shares (2017: 880 000)
nominal value CHF 10.00 (issued and paid in full)


The bearer shares (Security no. 622 761) are listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange, Swiss Reporting Standard, with a year end closing price of CHF 2,010.00 (2017: CHF 1,876.00). Their total capitalisation equalled CHF 769.9 million (2017: CHF 743.8 million). Each registered and bearer share holds one voting right.

Information on the share capital is provided on page 70 of the PDF document “Corporate Governance 2018”, which is an extract from the Annual Report.