Employee Spotlight: Yurii Lytvynenko

Yurii Lytvynenko started as an electrical fitter at the glassworks in Hostomel immediately after completing his degree in electrical engineering in 2010. After just six months, he became an electrical engineer at the plant and continued to develop professionally in the years that followed. In all these years, he has been involved in many projects and investments relating to the plant's energy supply. He has been Technical Manager for Vetropack Gostomel since 2024.

Ensuring constant energy security at the plant is currently a major challenge for Vetropack Gostomel: acts of war often lead to emergencies in the energy supply network, short-term voltage drops and long-term shutdowns. Yurii Lytvnenko has therefore developed an emergency power supply system for Vetropack Gostomel to ensure the continuous production process with diesel generators.

"We currently have four generators in Hostomel for the trouble-free operation of the furnace and two more powerful generators for the autonomous operation of the plant. The total output of the diesel generator park is 3700 kW. With a full tank of fuel, production can be maintained for between six and ten hours. To ensure that the generators can be refuelled quickly, the plant has its own filling station and mobile filling stations," explains Yurii Lytvynenko. 

He emphasises that you develop professionally and personally with new projects and challenges and describes what he appreciates about his work: “Working at Vetropack gives me the feeling of being part of a large team of professionals who pursue a common goal, achieve results and are simply great people who you would like to emulate.”