Employee Spotlight: Denis Flegar

Vetropack Straža has been a significant part of Denis Flegar's life since childhood. He always wondered about how the factory was like, and as soon as he could, he worked there during his summer breaks. Going through almost every department, he was fascinated by how glass is manufactured and the people involved. This captivation led to him joining the factory as cold end operator a few years later.

He was soon trained as a hot end operator and contributed at the forefront of glass packaging production for a decade: „I have always been curious, a fast learner and can adapt to new situations with ease. Watching the production department and the factory change and modernise over the years, I also wanted to learn and grow, which led me to apply for a role in Sales –  and I got the job. They must have known that I communicate better with people than machines…“

Sales is always changing, and every day he learns something new about the sales process, as well as communication and relationships with customers and colleagues. This is what keeps him motivated. One of the most important lessons he has learned is that even the smallest part of the process is essential.


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