Vetropack’s attractive new website: packed with insights into the world of glass!

12.02.2024: As a company that combines a long tradition with a forward-looking mindset, Vetropack is profoundly committed to topics such as sustainability, innovation and safety – and, of course, we aim to foster good relations among all members of our workforce. Our website should portray our efforts in all these areas. With this in mind, we launched our company’s brand-new online presence in February.

«A new website that not only looks modern and offers new functions, but also attracts more visitors.»
Simone Koch, Group Communications Director

What matters to us? And how do we want people to view us? From day one, development work on the new website focused on these questions. The goals: not only to fill our customers, investors and (potential) employees with enthusiasm about our products, but also to show them how Vetropack is drawing on its rich corporate tradition to help shape the future. 

To achieve these aims, we drafted five promises relating to five topics that Vetropack sees as crucial: Sustainability, Innovation, Safety, Teamwork, and Expertise. Vetropack doesn’t just make promises: we also keep them by acting in accordance with our principles – so our website presents stories from the company to back up each of these topics. Some examples: when you visit our website, you can learn why teamwork is vitally important in production – or you can get background on the development of Echovai, our new lightweight glass. 

Alongside insights into our employees’ everyday working lives, the website offers wide-ranging reports about fascinating customer projects – and Vetrotime, our customer magazine, is also available to read online at any time. We’ve introduced an innovative tagging system so that all posts and articles are assigned to one of the five key topics (and sometimes to a particular Vetropack location), and relevant content is displayed on the respective topic page. This gives visitors an entertaining way to get in-depth answers to a variety of questions: for instance, what is Vetropack doing in terms of #Sustainability

New stories and news items are posted at regular intervals – that makes it worth your while to surf along to our site more often! But if that takes up too much of your time, you can simply ask us to send you the new Vetropack Newsletter. Another new feature: the Download Centre, where you can access important instructions and documents.

To help you find your way easily through this vast amount of content, our Main Menu clearly maps the site’s structure and helps you to navigate. And you’ll see that the whole website now has a new look and feel: fresh, modern and uncluttered. Large images and clear headlines turn the spotlight on products as well as people. This is a website that succeeds in every way – a true reflection of Vetropack’s engagement in every area.