Ride of the Kings after four years again at Vetropack Moravia Glass

16.08.2023: Ride of the Kings, which belongs to the region just like our glass factory, stopped here on Sunday 13th August 2023. This ancient tradition, registered on UNESCO list of intangible cultural heritage, gained its fame mainly by participating in the Kyjov folklore festival Moravian Slovakian Year since 1956.

A royal retinue usually consists of 20 to 30 horsemen. The troupe rides through the town on decorated horses, stopping at houses, and the riders deliver short versed proclamations tailored to their residents. Regína Bělohoubková, Milan Kucharčík, Aleš Habáň and Jaroslav Mikliš were mentioned in the proclamation at the glass factory.

According to the legend, Ride of the Kings refers to a historical event where the Hungarian king Matthias Corvinus was running away from George of Poděbrady and, in order not to reveal, he dressed himself in a woman's costume and put a rose to his mouth.