Recycling message in a glass bottle stops shoppers in their tracks

19.05.2016: Bülach / Brussels, 19 May 2016. A new campaign from the Europe-wide Friends of Glass community uses humour to highlight the environmental benefits of glass bottles and jars. ‘Endless Lives of Glass’ sees well-known comedians from across Europe give life to a glass bottle on store shelves, which chats with customers as they do their weekly shop.

Kaya Yanar, a well-known German comedian and TV moderator, uses his witty style of humour to strike up conversations with the shoppers, who are filmed interacting with the 'talking glass bottle’ as they browse the shelves. A hidden camera captures the responses of the surprised shoppers.

The campaign highlights the infinite recyclability of glass packaging, which can be endlessly recycled into new bottles and jars. This means no waste to landfill as well as less raw materials, energy and pollution. The ‘Endless Lives of Glass’ campaign is part of a wider three year project to showcase the benefits of glass and builds on a recent independent survey commissioned by Friends of Glass, which found that while an impressive 94% of European claimed to recycle, 82% always recycle their glass packaging. Almost all Swiss and Austrians dispose of the empty containers at the designated locations. In Switzerland glass is with 93% the most recycled product, followed by Italy with 91% and Austria with 90%.

Comedians famous in Italy, Spain, Germany, France and Poland brought their own distinctive humour to shoppers in their own countries.

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