Innovation for a sustainable future: Vetropack Straža joins the KOER virtual power plant

04.12.2023: Vetropack Straža d.d. has joined the operation of the KOER virtual power plant, which will actively contribute to the stability of the Croatian energy system. This cooperation is an additional support to the system for connecting new capacities of renewable energy sources and transition to more sustainable energy production and consumption.

The virtual power plant unites producers, consumers and battery storage systems within the Croatian power system. It enables end users to actively participate in the electricity market, while helping the Croatian Transmission System Operator to optimally manage and balance the power system.

Mario Berc, Director of the Technical Sector at Vetropack Straža, emphasised that Vetropack is already actively contributing to sustainability through initiatives such as Science Based Targets and the Supplier Leadership on Climate Transition programme. Vetropack Straža is also continuously improving its energy efficiency and investing in renewable energy sources. Two solar panels installed on the roofs of the finished goods warehouse produce 1 GWh of electricity per year, which is used to produce compressed air. He also pointed out: "We have provided the flexibility of the production process to maintain the balance of the Croatian electricity system, while supporting the green transition of the Croatian economy towards a more sustainable energy system."

As a leader in energy innovation, KOER has created the first virtual power plant in Croatia, and Vetropack Straža is proud to be part of this platform. Marko Lasić, Director of KOER, pointed out that cooperation with companies such as Vetropack Straža opens up new opportunities for the economic sustainability of renewable energy sources.