A new look

05.11.2021: Vetropack Austria has created a new bottle for the Austrian Schlumberger Group’s traditional Leibwächter bitter spirit, with a design that memorably showcases what makes the liqueur truly unique.

The coachman was always a trusted companion and guardian of his passengers. He would wait outside in the rain and wind with his horses while enjoying a well-earned occasional sip of Leibwächter, a liqueur made from a variety of different herbs. The bittersweet herbal spirit is still popular today, enjoyed either as an invigorating aperitif or mixed with orange juice, bitter lemon or cola to create a refreshing cocktail. 

The tradition of the elixir, with its delicate sweetness that brings out the glorious herbal notes to particularly good effect, now has a striking bottle to match, thanks to the new design of the 0.5-litre green glass bottle created at the Austrian Vetropack glassworks in Pöchlarn. The rectangular bottle’s sides are richly decorated with glass reliefs of some of the 58 herbs inside. The year the drink was first created, 1873, is also engraved at the base of the bottle. The high-quality printed label nestles safely in the specially created depressions in the surface.