Employee Spotlight: Maria Doiceva

Maria Doiceva started at Vetropack Chișinău as Deputy Quality Manager in the summer of 2023, being appointed Quality Manager as of 1 April.

“In this role, I focus on developing and implementing a quality control system for all stages of the production process,” she explains. “This includes coordinating and conducting audits of production processes, as well as analyzing data and reporting on product quality. My goal is to ensure compliance with quality standards, meet customer needs, manage risks, and solve quality-related problems.” 

She underlines that being a manager at Vetropack gives her the chance to actively influence the quality culture and how things are done in the company, which is not just a professional goal for Maria Doiceva, but also a source of personal satisfaction. 

“Vetropack Group, with its rich history and strong market position, offers an attractive opportunity for career growth. Working in the quality department means continuous learning and development, as well as the chance to collaborate with various departments and Vetropack factories. This represents invaluable experience for me and an opportunity to broaden my horizons.”