Where health meets style

12.04.2021: Zdravo Organic gets the best out of nature for its juices. And they want you to see it. The gentle curves of the white 200 ml bottles by Vetropack Straža create a sophisticated look.

Health consciousness has grown enormously in recent years, a phenomenon reflected in the success of food and drinks producers who focus on making natural products. One of these is Zdravo Organic. With Zdravo meaning “healthy”, it does exactly what it says on the glass. Based in Selenca in Vojvodina, the company only uses the highest-quality local fruit and vegetables for its juices, conserves, pickles and ajvar sauce, avoiding the use of additives and preservatives.

The best packing medium for products like this is glass, which is why Zdravo Organic only uses glass bottles for its juices. The centrepiece of the family of bottles we make for Zdravo Organic is the new 200 ml juice bottle with twist-off cap. It is just as chic and compact as its older, larger siblings, the 314 ml jar and 750 ml bottle, but its gentle curves give it a particularly sophisticated look. Bon voyage, beautiful bottle – Zdravo products are loved around the world and can be found as far afield as Canada and China.