Vetropiknik: Team building in a green environment

05.09.2023: In an organisation with more than 650 employees, where most employees do not have the opportunity to meet many colleagues from other departments, developing team spirit and creating opportunities for socialising outside working hours is essential - but also a challenge. Recognising this need, Vetropack Straža organised the fourth Vetropiknik for all employees at the beginning of September.

Held on a picturesque estate surrounded by woods, the picnic is a welcome break from the daily grind. The highlight of the event was the cauldron cooking competition. Up to ten teams, each with their own secret ingredients and cooking methods, managed to create a true gastronomic adventure from everyday foods. Those who did not take part in the culinary competition had the opportunity to take part in sporting activities. The most attractive of these was undoubtedly human football: our colleagues literally let their souls out on the field.

After the activities and the awarding of prizes to the best teams, the Vetropicnic continued into the night with local musicians.

The real significance of such gatherings, however, lies not in the awarding of prizes for the vetrochefs  or the best one sin sport, but in the building of bonds and mutual understanding. Such experiences pave the way for better cooperation within the organisation.