Vetropack Straža supported the celebration of the World Water Day: Glass packaging is essential for preserving water quality

26.03.2024: As part of the celebration of World Water Day on 22 March under the motto "Water – the wealth of Croatia", Vetropack Straža participated in a symposium organised by the Croatian Beverage Producers Association (GIUPPH). The event brought together the leading Croatian producers of natural mineral and spring waters (Atlantic Cedevita, Jamnica plus and Studenac) and experts from various sectors (Ministry of Agriculture, Fund for Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency, Faculty of Food and Biotechnology...) to jointly highlight the importance of preserving and sustainably managing water resources and the impact of climate change on these resources.

As one of the most water-rich countries in Europe, Croatia is home to numerous sources of natural mineral and spring water, recognised for their high quality and purity.

In this context, glass packaging becomes even more important, not only to preserve the quality of the water as a product, but also to promote sustainable consumption and environmental protection. Thanks to its unique properties - inertness and impermeability – glass is considered as one of the safest packaging for food and beverages ("Generally Recognised As Safe", U.S. Food and Drug Administration).

In his presentation, our Customer Service Manager Robert Zdolc pointed out: "Glass packaging not only provides long-term and safe water protection without compromising quality, but is also an example of an efficient circular economy thanks to its 100% recyclability without loss of quality."