Using more reusables: meeting of experts in Switzerland

07.08.2023: Many European countries have systems for reusing glass bottles in place. However, this isn’t the case everywhere, as supporters are met with different economic, political, and technical challenges at regional and national levels. In Switzerland, for example, recycling of used glass is routine, but reusables have fallen out of favour at the moment. At an event organised by the “Au REverre” project on August 28th, experts will discuss how this form of circular economy can be successfully (re-) established in Switzerland. Sponsor Vetropack will also be taking part.

The "Au REverre" project of Sanu Durabilitas, an independent foundation for the promotion of sustainability in Switzerland, has set itself the goal of promoting the development of reusable systems for glass bottles. To this end, stakeholders from science, politics and industry from Switzerland as well as other European countries will meet for the "event on reusable glass bottles: how to enter the growing market" in Biel on August the 28th.

Leading scientists will explain the theoretical background, while partner companies from Switzerland and abroad will share their experiences from previous reusable projects. Erich Jaquemar, Key Account Manager at Vetropack Austria, will speak about the political and economic context surrounding reusables in Austria – illustrated by the cooperation with the Vorarlberg brewery “Mohrenbrauerei”. The brewery started using Vetropack’s innovative Echovai lightweight glass bottles for a portion of its product range and set up a dedicated reusables framework in a pilot program in 2021. The result of the pilot project: convincing CO2 -savings and various new insights that will be presented in Biel by  Andreas Lindner. The head of marketing at the Mohrenbrauerei will explain the different challenges bottle manufacturers face when using disposable and reusable bottles and why innovations like Echovai can help manufacturers overcome technical difficulties. During one of the five interactive workshops at the event, Jaquemar and Linder will also work together with participants to come up with concrete suggestions on how more reusable glass packaging can make its way into Swiss households – for a more sustainable future.

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