Using more reusables: 2nd Swiss event on reusable packaging in Biel

10.07.2024: "Innovative implementation of reusable packaging" – this will be the motto of the second Swiss event on reusable packaging on 4 September 2024 in Biel.

The aim of the meeting is to jointly develop an action plan for more reusable packaging in Switzerland. Sponsor Vetropack is once again participating in this year's expert meeting, organised by Au REverre and is looking forward to presenting its own solutions.

The event will begin with an introduction to current economic and political developments, followed by contributions from the world of research. Discussions will focus on the circular economy, the ecological benefits of reusable packaging in the wine sector, and the central role of consumers. Visitors will have the opportunity to be inspired by pioneering projects in which not only digitalisation and logistics play an important role, but also the public sector. There will also be ample opportunity for networking.

As it did last year, the event will once again bring together all the relevant players: retailers, producers, logistics experts, scientists, representatives of associations, municipalities, regions, cantons, and the federal government. This broad participation emphasises the importance of the event and the common will to shape the transition to sustainable reusable systems.

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