Tradition and sustainability

28.01.2022: The traditional Czech brand Pilsner Urquell is launching a new returnable bottle, thereby strengthening its commitment to sustainability. The elegant bottle with striking embossing is produced by Vetropack Moravia Glass.

Glass is equally suitable for one-way and returnable bottles. A returnable bottle can be reused more than 40 times. In light of the debate surrounding the environmental impact of packaging, the demand for returnable glass bottles is growing. Vetropack strives to produce its packaging as ecologically as possible. For example, the use of recycled glass and returnable containers is being systematically increased in order to conserve natural resources as much as possible. 

No empty promises 
The Plzeňský Prazdroj brewery is taking another important step towards sustainability: the new returnable bottle for the world-famous Pilsen beer with its striking embossing does away with the aluminium foil at the neck of the bottle, while the plastic labels are replaced by recyclable paper ones. The message to beer lovers is clear: “With the new bottles, you are helping to protect the environment.” This change will mean that around 106 tonnes of waste can be saved per year. These are the facts. The reliefs on the new bottle are very striking. The words “The Original Pilsner” have been added to the front, emphasising the pre-eminence of this beer in the Pilsner category. The back of the bottle features a revised relief of the gate of the traditional brewery and the inscription “Pilsner Urquell”. The raised elements are not just decorative. They represent tradition, quality and the product’s local roots. Thanks to the reliefs, the bottle also sits very well in the hand, which the brewers are sure to appreciate. 

The crown of the returnable bottle is a golden stopper with an embossed wooden barrel – a typical feature of the Pilsen brewery. The coat of arms of the city of Pilsen and the initials P.U. are very sensitively placed on the neck label on a green shield. The Pilsner Urquell bottles have a uniform design all over the world; Vetropack’s products simply know no borders.