The best of the best

07.07.2021: The wineries that form the “Österreichische Traditionsweingüter” association have developed a special classification. The highly customised bottles for the “Erste Lage” wines are produced by Vetropack Austria.

Austria’s winegrowing regions are incredibly diverse. The varying soil compositions and microclimates mean that even neighbouring vineyards can produce very different wines. Members of the “Österreichische Traditionsweingüter” association have put a great deal of passion and expert knowledge into determining how tiny details about a vineyard can influence the quality and identity of its wine.

The association has developed a classification system that distinguishes between “Klassifizierte Lage” (similar to appellation controlée), “Erste Lage” (similar to Premier Cru) and “Grosse erste Lage” (similar to Grand Cru). Vetropack Austria has developed Rhine wine bottles for the “Erste Lage” group that immediately reflect the special quality of these wines. The “Erste Lage” logo is made in glass relief, like a hallmark, while the shoulder area of the bottle is an elegant cuvée colour. The wineries can then choose between a swisstype thread or cork finish – because with wines, it’s always “to each their own”.