School children enthusiastic about glass blowing

02.11.2022: For many years Vetropack Straža has been presenting glass to children as a versatile and natural material that can be easily and completely recycled.

Last week Vetropack organised glassblowing workshops where the children also had the opportunity to blow small glass balloons. It is difficult to describe their enthusiasm as they saw what can be done with heated glass, especially when they blew glass bubbles themselves. Glass blowing was shown to them by the Slovenian glassblower Zvonko Drobnič, and the workshops were held in the elementary schools in Hum na Sutli, Pregrada and Desinić. Almost 400 children took part. 

In Hum na Sutli, Zvonko was joined by Zinka Kobula Kamenšek and students Ana Preglej and Patricija Ružak from the Rogaška Slatina School Center (glassmaking major). They showed kids how to paint on glass and to compose small glass mosaics.

The children got acquainted with glass recycling and its importance in preserving nature and keeping our environment beautiful and clean. And at the end of the workshops everyone promised that they would regularly recycle all the waste. Because good habits are learned from a young age.