Paving the way for reusable packaging: Vetropack participates in three events

22.01.2024: The year 2024 has only just begun, but at Vetropack, preparations to continue promoting the recycling of glass are already in full swing. We are pleased to announce our participation in three events on the topic of reusable packaging.

Experts Round Table on – 23 January

Erich Jaquemar, Strategic Account Manager at Vetropack Austria, will be taking part in an expert round table on January 23. Together with leading beverage producers and representatives of the retail trade, he will discuss in detail the trend towards more reusable packaging and its impact on the industry. Insights and results will be published promptly in a dossier on Medianet.


EMPACK – 24 to 25 January

From January 24 to 25, the two-day Swiss trade fair for the packaging industry, EMPACK, will once again open its doors in Bern. Vetropack will discuss the opportunities and risks of reusable systems as part of a presentation. The political and economic context surrounding reusable packaging in Europe and particularly in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, as well as technical challenges will also be addressed. A look at the pilot project with the Austrian Mohrenbrauerei will demonstrate how reusable containers made of Echovai lightweight glass from Vetropack can help overcome these challenges.


GLUG – 1 to 2 February

GLUG, the meeting place for Swiss brewers and beverage producers, is entering its second round from February 1-2. The event offers a unique platform for exchange between international suppliers and national buyers. Vetropack and Au REverre will be hosting a forum on the concrete implementation of reusable packaging in Switzerland. The focus will not only be on the ecological benefits of reusable systems but, above all, on innovative solutions for technical challenges such as scuffing and bottle weight. Here, too, the findings from lab tests and the pilot project illustrate how the transition to reusable bottles can succeed with the help of our Echovai lightweight glass bottles.

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