Passing down traditions

03.09.2021: The Henri Badoux vineyard has given its emblematic lizard an elegant update. The new olive-coloured edition of the bottle is produced by the Vetropack glass works in St-Prex and the white glass version by Vetropack Austria.

Henri Badoux founded the vineyard that shares his name in 1908. Since then, the family enterprise has grown continually. Today, it encompasses 55 hectares of vineyards and makes wine with the produce from one hundred hectares. The name Henri Badoux is inseparable from the lizard that has adorned
the labels of his wine bottles for over a century.

In 2021, the vineyard underwent a rebranding campaign. White and red wine are now hitting the shelves in an olive-coloured 0.7-litre bottle, while rosé is bottled in white glass. The iconic lizard is accentuated in a sober and elegant style on the bottles in the new wine collection – a link between tradition and the modern world. The emblem is also an important element of the Chablais ecosystem, a factor that is additionally reflected in the low weight of the bottles. Due to its high cork finish, the upper part of the cork is clearly visible and, of course, is also adorned with a lizard.