On the right track for a better environment

07.03.2023: The annual emissions report of SBB Cargo Switzerland demonstrates that 2,223 tonnes of CO2 emissions were averted in 2022 as a result of transporting cargo by train.

This year’s emissions report of SBB Cargo contains a list of all harmful emissions caused by Vetropack’s transport via SBB Cargo. Harmful emissions as compared to transporting cargo by lorry shows the environmental benefits at a glance. 55,927 tonnes were transported in total. CO2 emissions were reduced by 90.96% as a result of using rail transport. Carbon dioxide is the gas most responsible for global warming. People and the environment are those most affected. In addition, fine particulate matter emissions were reduced by 70.56%. Fine particulate matter contains soot particles of varying sizes and is carcinogenic. Fine particulate matter also contributes to the formation of smog.

The complete emissions report can be found here: Emissions report of SBB Cargo Switzerland 2022