Joint donation from the biggest companies in Hum na Sutli

13.12.2022: The companies from Hum na Sutli Vetropack Straža, OMCO Croatia, DW Reusables Hum, BDF Servis and GP Špiljak, again joined at the end of this year in their socially responsible commitment. Making a joint donation to the Football Club Stražan they are raising the quality of sports activities of the residents of Hum na Sutli.

Vetropack Straža is aware that the company has a potential for positively impacting the local community as well as that it has a social responsibility. Therefore, the company closely monitors local needs and through various donations and sponsorships, continuously improves the quality of life of the environment in which it operates. At the end of this year, they made a joint donation with OMCO Croatia, DW Reusables, BDF Servis and GP Špiljak: a mowing equipment with a total value of HRK 125,940 will provide the Club with the necessary high-quality maintenance of the pitch. The donation was handed over on Monday, December 12, 2022, at the sportsground in Lastine, Hum na Sutli.

"For many years we have been following the needs of the local community and at Christmas time we donate to causes that we believe will contribute to a better standard of its residents. This year the donation goes to the Straža Football Club, which continuously increases the number of members and tries with all its might to provide them with the best training conditions. We are glad that we can also contribute to this with this donation", the donors said.

There are 140 active members (40 adults and 100 children) currently training at the Straža Football Club. The seniors play in the 4th national league, center Zagreb, and the children are in the 1st Zagorje football league. They are all improving their results every year. This year, the construction of a sports facility with an area of about 300 square meters was completed. It includes four changing rooms, sanitary facilities, a common space for the football players, an infirmary and other areas. The official opening of the facility is planned for the end of the month.

President of the Club Marijo Vidićek pointed out: "More and more children are showing interest in football and we want to provide them with the best possible training conditions." A well-kept lawn is certainly one of them. Unlike most clubs, we only have one field where we train and play matches, and it is all the more necessary to invest in its maintenance. The previous mower already generated high maintenance costs and we had to replace it. It would be a huge expense for which the Club has no funds and I don't know how we would even manage it if there were no donations. There are no words to express my gratitude to our donors because they actually made it possible to continue holding matches on our playground. What we can do is to continue to provide for the children to continuously play football and achieve the best possible results, and we will continue to do so with even greater enthusiasm."