Innovative solutions from Vetro Challenge

29.12.2022: Waste management plays a big role in the circular economy, so we carried out the Vetro Challenge project with elementary school students to make them aware of the importance of this issue.

Six primary schools participated in the competition, intended for students from the 5th to the 8th grade of elementary schools in Krapina-Zagorje County, each with a team of four students and one teacher. Each team chose its own innovation challenge that addresses the increase in glass packaging use and recycling, came up with a conceptual solution, and then created a complete project step-by-step. They presented the project in 4 minutes to a three-member and very demanding jury, which chose the three best solutions.

Third place was won by The Little Green Team, which created a water bottle design based on the regions of Croatia and called them Panona, Goranka and Primorka. They also designed corresponding jute bags for easier and safer transport.

The second best solution was designed by The Eco Birds Team, whose solution, curious containers, enables everyone to recycle in a fun and simple way, and is made by the students themselves from different used materials.

The first place went to The Green Hum Team, which designed the interactive container Recipro (RECYcle and PROfit) with a loyalty program. This container also has a little companion – a cheerful children's version of the container that encourages even the smallest ones to recycle.

With this approach, we encourage students to recognise challenges as opportunities and independently create positive changes in society. In addition to thinking about the problem of the circular economy, children develop innovative and systematic thinking and the skills needed for project management and persuasive presentation.