HR PSOR celebrated 25th anniversary

12.05.2022: On May 4th, 2022, the Croatian Business Council for Sustainable Development marked 25 years of existence and sedulous and systematic work on promoting sustainable practices in the Croatian business world. Vetropack Straža d.d. has been a member of the Council since 1999.

Sustainable development is the responsibility of us all, there is no alternative. The economic, environmental and social challenges can only be solved by all of us together. This was pointed out at the ceremony marking the 25th anniversary of the Croatian Business Council for Sustainable Development.

The panel "Sustainable Development in the Croatian Economy" was held as part of this event, with the participation of the Chairman of the Board of Vetropack Straža d.d. Tihomir Premužak, together with the Chairman of the Board of Saponija d.d. Dajana Mrčela, the Chairman of the Board of Podravka d.d. Martina Dalić and the Chairman of the Board of PwC Hrvatska d.o.o. John Gasparec.

The goal of HR PSOR is to represent economic interests in sustainable development towards the Government of the Republic of Croatia, to support orientations towards sustainable development in economic, political, legal and social life and to encourage changes that will accelerate the transition and represent the economy in matters related to sustainable development in Croatia and internationally. 

As of today, the Council holds together about 50 companies and organisations connected by striving for consistent and maximum achievement of sustainable goals.