Green Week: Contributing to sustainability as individuals

27.05.2022: Being sustainable as a company is not enough. By being sustainable as an individual as well is the only way to save the Earth's resources for the next generations. Therefore we support our employees in becoming more aware of how to contribute to the wellbeing of nature and society – by education and voluntary work during our first Green Week.

At the workshop held by a Green energy cooperative they got more familiar with opportunities on how to efficiently implement solar energy in their households. We also provided a workshop for the local community about waste management – how can we contribute as citizens and how can our municipal company an effective infrastructure. It can't be done by only one stakeholder – it's a goal that can be achieved only with cooperation, education and good communication between the citizens and the local government.

But sustainability is much more than just environment. It's also about becoming aware of our social responsibility. So we gathered our company volunteers and did some work in the local Vetropark and walkway: repairing the benches, painting the pallet stage, setting up the background for the street workout park, etc.

And for the end of the Green Week, we joined the humanitarian and environmetal project „Collecting plastic caps to buy expensive medicines“ led by the Croatian Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. We set up a few collecting points in the plant with boxes where employees can dispose their plastic caps. 

These are just small steps to a greener future, but it's a great feeling knowing that we are all contributing to a better and cleaner future.