Glass plant in Kyjov reports records in recycling

16.12.2022: Do you know that the colored wine or beer bottle that you normally use is made from up to 94 % of cullets? Vetropack Moravia Glass, a.s. in Kyjov will close the year 2022 with record numbers in terms of recycling

Pioneers in glass recycling

Vetropack started recycling glass in Switzerland in the 1970s as the first glass manufacturer. Vetropack Moravia Glass, a.s. has a state-of-the-art recycling line that uses the latest technical and technological knowledge in the field of glass recycling. This year was a record for the amount of cullets used. For bottles in the color cuveé or olive, the content of cullets was over 94%, for white bottles and jars, the color specification was met even with a content of cullets in the enamel over 80%.

The use of recycled glass in production is also beneficial due to the energy savings during glass melting. The glass is melted at a temperature of 1,400 °C, melting the cullets thus means an energy saving of 3% and a subsequent reduction of CO2 emissions by 10% of glass produced.

Glass as a sustainable material

In 2022, more than 145,000 tons of cullets will be processed on the recycling line, where the cullets are sorted by color and impurities are ridded of. This means saving 5,800 truckloads of natural raw materials such as sand, soda or dolomite, as well as the reprocessing of used glass that would otherwise end up in landfills. Glass factory GM Boris Sluka adds: "We would process more cullets, but we don't have enough of them in the Czech Republic. We import them from Switzerland, Austria, Hungary or Poland."

That is why it is important to sort the glass. Glass is the only material that can be recycled indefinitely without loss of quality. It can be used every time to create a safe packaging for food and drinks. Ideally made off up to 98% of cullets. Vetropack Moravia Glass, a.s. thanks everyone who is not indifferent to our environment and throws used glass into a green or white container.

The Vetropack Group numbers among Europe's leading manufacturers of glass packaging for the food and beverage industry. The Group has cutting-edge production plants as well as sales and distribution offices in Switzerland, Austria, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Slovakia, Ukraine, Italy and the Republic Moldova.