Fire at the Kremsmünster Plant: No Personal Injury


On 03.12.22 at around 14:00, a fire occurred at the Vetropack plant in Kremsmünster, Austria. The reason for the fire was most likely an external power failure, the extensions of which also reached Vetropack.This also caused cooling systems to fail, among other things. The fire, which broke out as a result of such a failure, was brought under control by the rapid intervention of the fire department. We are grateful that no one was injured in this incident. Four people with a suspected case of smoke intoxication were able to be released from the hospital after just a short time.

The furnaces were not damaged - we are currently in the process of restarting production. The damage is currently being assessed. Should there be any impact on production and delivery schedules, which we currently do not expect, we would proactively inform our customers.