“Endless Lives of Glass” – the best social media campaign of 2017

18.05.2017: Friends of Glass wins the “International & European Association Award” for its “Endless Lives of Glass” campaign.

Friends of Glass has been actively raising awareness of the advantages of glass packaging for food and drink since 2008. Its latest campaign, “Endless Lives of Glass”, is all about recycling glass, presenting the facts in an informative and humorous way. Hidden cameras were used to shoot videos in various European supermarkets. A glass bottle from the store shelf spoke directly to individual customers and engaged them in conversation. The talking bottles explained to the surprised shoppers that glass can be recycled into new bottles and jars an unlimited number of times.


Sharing the campaign across social media has paid off – “Endless Lives of Glass” has won the “International & European Association Award” for the best social media campaign of 2017. Friends of Glass is receiving this award for an impressive second time, following in the footsteps of the equally successful #MapYourTaste campaign.


Have we made you want to watch the entertaining videos? You can find the “best of” showreel here: http://bit.ly/1X08Yev.