Closure of the St-Prex plant: job reductions to begin soon

24.05.2024: The Management Board informed the employees in St-Prex yesterday that the social plan will be available shortly and that job reductions will begin soon.

At yesterday’s meeting in St-Prex, the Management Board told employees that the first redundancy notices will be sent out in the coming days. In this initial phase, about half of the employment contracts will be terminated by 31 August 2024. The remaining jobs are expected to be phased out by 2026. Decomissioning the machines and equipment after production stops will take some time, providing us with the opportunity to retain some employees for a longer period. 

The previously announced social plan will apply to all employees affected by the redundancies in St-Prex. Discussions with the trade unions and employee representatives are ongoing and we are hopeful to be able to present the finalised social plan shortly.