Beauty and indulgence

19.10.2021: Straightforward elegance – you can apply this description to the Vinjak 5 V.S.O.P. made by the central Serbian winery Rubin as well as to its packaging. The striking black bottles are produced by Vetropack Straža.

The winery Rubin, with its 10,000 hectares of vines across 19 locations, is the largest Serbian producer of wines and spirits. The winery is renowned for its top-class wines, highly valued throughout the Balkans and beyond, but also for its exquisite brandy. Vinjak 5 V.S.O.P. has contributed a great deal to the good reputation of Rubin’s spirits. It is made from carefully selected distilled wines and aged for at least five years in a 500-litre oak barrel. The light-dark contrasts of its amber colour along with its reddish shimmer and highly complex aroma with notes of vanilla, plum, coffee and spices make it the king of Serbian brandies. 

Only the best packaging could suffice for such a sublime product – the elegant, dark, heavy bottles made by Vetropack Straža. They are a no-frills affair. At the end of the day, Vinjak 5 V.S.O.P. is about unadorned indulgence. This way, the eye is drawn to the single piece of decoration – the 700 ml cuvée bottle is finished off with a gold-coloured screen print before it is filled.