Art Object "Wings of Hope"

08.07.2024: The art object "Wings of Hope", created by renowned Ukrainian sculptor Oleh Pinchuk specifically for Vetropack Gostomel, has a special history and embodies many important meanings.

The idea for the "Wings of Hope" installation was born in 2024, during the restoration of the factory after significant damage caused by the occupiers. Among the debris left after the military actions, Oleh Pinchuk saw the potential to create something new and beautiful. He decided to use the surviving glass bottles from production and metal fragments damaged by explosions, giving them new life in the form of an artwork with deep symbolism. The artist was inspired by nature and its inexhaustible power of regeneration, making ecological consciousness a key aspect of this work.

Butterflies are often associated with delicacy and fragility, and glass further emphasises this quality. The rethinking of materials and their reuse in the modern world to reduce waste is an important message, highlighting the significance of ecological awareness and sustainable production.

The beauty and fragility of the insect remind us of the beauty of nature that must be cherished and protected. It points out that nature, like glass, can be easily destroyed without proper care and respect.

"Wings of Hope" is not just an art object. It is a reminder that even in the darkest times, light and hope can be found. It is a symbol of rebirth, beauty, and the fragility of nature, a call to action and faith in a better future. Just as a caterpillar transforms into an incredibly beautiful butterfly, spreading its wings, we all believe in better changes in our future. A future of a peaceful, free, independent, democratic, developed, and sustainable state. A state with extraordinarily rich natural resources that we must preserve for our descendants.

Thanks to Oleh Pinchuk, this butterfly will inspire and remind us of the importance of protecting our planet and our common future.

About the Sculptor:

Oleh Pinchuk was born in the city of Drohobych and received his education at the Kyiv State Art Institute, after which he honed his skills in Geneva. His works are found in private collections and museums around the world, and his monumental works adorn the historical centers of European cities. In 2018, the renowned sculptor was awarded the honorary title "People's Artist of Ukraine" by the government of Ukraine, which is the highest title in Ukraine awarded to outstanding performing artists. 


"Wings of Hope": A glass butterfly created by People's Artist of Ukraine Oleg Pinchuk from recycled shards of glass bottles and damaged metal at the Vetropack plant, left behind after the de-occupation of Hostomel. This symbol of rebirth, hope, and environmental awareness calls for the protection of nature and the reuse of resources, reminding us of the fragility and beauty of our environment, and demonstrating the possibility of renewal and a fresh start even in the most challenging times. Hostomel, 2024 (jpg)