Ad hoc announcement pursuant to Art. 53 Listing Rules - Information on the placement of almost 2 million registered shares A of Vetropack Holding Ltd


Vetropack headquarters

Bülach, September 7, 2021 - Vetropack Holding Ltd has been informed that Cornaz AG-Holding intends to place 1,983,000 registered shares A of Vetropack Holding Ltd by way of an accelerated book building process. A firm commitment has already been made for 800,000 registered shares A. The free float will increase from today 53.1% to presumably 63.1% of the capital.

The offer of 1,183,000 registered shares A of Vetropack Holding Ltd (6.0% of the capital and 2.7% of the votes, respectively) is structured as a private placement to institutional investors in Switzerland and the UK. Additional 800,000 registered shares A are expected to be acquired by Jean-Luc Cornaz as a private person at the same conditions.

Both Cornaz AG-Holding and Jean-Luc Cornaz have committed not to sell any shares of Vetropack Holding Ltd during the next 12 months (lock-up). Thus, they remain stable and long-term oriented shareholders of Vetropack Holding Ltd.

The book building will start immediately. The pricing and allocation of the shares is expected to be completed on September 8, 2021. Zürcher Kantonalbank is acting as sole bookrunner for the transaction and reserves the right to close the books at any time. Information on the outcome of the transaction will be published here after closing.

Background of the transaction: Jean-Luc Cornaz undertakes a reallocation of his shareholding in Cornaz AG-Holding. In this context, Jean-Luc Cornaz will leave the shareholder group and the Board of Directors of Cornaz AG-Holding. In return, he is expected to acquire 800,000 registered shares A of Vetropack Holding Ltd as a private person.

For the purpose of financing the purchase of the shares in Cornaz AG- Holding currently held by Jean-Luc Cornaz and for balance sheet optimization, Cornaz AG-Holding will, in turn, sell a total of 1,983,000 Vetropack registered shares A. As a result of the transaction, the capital and voting interests are expected to change as follows, which will further increase the trading liquidity of the registered shares A:


  Before placement After placement
  Capital Votes Capital Votes
Shareholder Group Cornaz 46.9% 76.1% 36.9% 71.6%
Free Float (public) 53.1% 23.9% 63.1% 28.4%
  100.0 % 100.0 % 100.0 % 100.0 %


For more information, please contact:

Claude R. Cornaz,
President of the Board of Directors of Vetropack Holding Ltd
Tel. +41 44 863 33 30


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