A new chapter

17.09.2021: Austrian star winemakers Markus Huber and Lenz Moser have taken on the challenge of writing a trailblazing new chapter in the history of Austrian wine. Vetropack Austria helped the two give their exciting project a unique look with a brand new bottle design.

The Grüner Veltliner grape variety is the pride of Austria’s wine country, predominantly sold and enjoyed in Germanspeaking regions. Lenz Moser and Markus Huber, two Veltliner specialists of the Austrian wine industry, believe that this hidden gem of a grape is ready to earn a broad international fanbase and achieve global cult status. Under the brand Lenzmark – New Chapter, the two winemakers have combined their wealth of experience with the aim of reinterpreting the taste of Grüner Veltliner and developing a modern style – Veltliner 2.0, so to speak – targeted at both experienced connoisseurs and young, demanding target groups.

It was therefore vital for the product to feature an unusual bottle design. The intricate look of the conical 0.75-litre cuvéecoloured wine bottle gives the team everything they wanted. A complex glass relief at the shoulder, the Lenzmark brand name engraved at the base, and a three-part paper label on the front embody the new style of this very special wine.