10 winners of the art competition

14.12.2022: "To paint a bottle traveller in any place that you would like to show it and where it could explore what goodies in glass are the most popular and how people sort the glass there..." was the assignment of the art competition for children, which we announced in October this year.

And again children did not disappoint us and showed their imagination. The bottles in the pictures travelled not only in the surrounding, but also around Europe, Asia and Africa. Some explored desert islands and others could even look at the Earth from Space. The most bottles visited Paris. Quelle surprise!

Pictures came from all over the Czech Republic and in the end there were almost 150 of them. However, only 10 children could win the prize in the form of a voucher for sports equipment, a backpack with the bottle traveller and a water bottle. Luckily the winners were drawn as it would be very difficult to pick just 10 pictures.